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XHTMLspruce takes your website designs in the PSD file format and converts it into high performance HTML code. We have been converting PSD to HTML and other web platforms for many years now. We ensure that the code created for your website is as small as possible so that it will load fast on the browser and give your customers a great experience.

It is easy to convert a website design into working HTML code. However, it takes expertise to make the HTML highly structured and friendly for search engines. This is where our PSD to XHTML conversion service comes into place. With XHTMLspruce, you have access to developers who are broadly skilled at creating high performance HTML for your website.

Here are some of the things we do, in order to optimize your HTML for performance and search engines:
  • Use supported elements: We use only those tags that are supported by all browsers your customers are likely to browse your website. We avoid using deprecated tags. We also take into account mobile browsers and a variety of other devices while writing HTML code.
  • Using <div> tags moderately: The <div> tags are a neat way to mark out a section that you want to style together. However, many web pages over use this feature and make the resulting web page painfully slow. Not to mention, search engines find it increasingly difficult to navigate the labyrinth of <div> tags to get to your actual content. We make moderate use of <div> tags to keep the HTML clean. We use advanced CSS selectors during PSD to HTML conversion, in order to target specific elements or groups of elements on your web page.
  • No Tables: Many websites have used tables for page layout. However, we only use tables for displaying tabular data. Tables are cumbersome to create and also not search engine friendly. We use
    tags and float based layouts instead of tables to make your HTML faster and your pages smoother.
  • SEO: Where they are applicable we make it a point to include ‘alt’ attributes to the elements on your web page. This includes the <img>, <h1>, <h2> and <a> tags. You can fill in with descriptions with the right keywords for search engine optimization, as you generate content.

Overall, when you hire XHTMLspruce to turn your PSD to HTML, you get a website that is easily manageable for you and a joy for your customers. Contact us right away to learn more about our conversion services for your website.

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